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miniMussels Around Your Neck - Part 2
MUSSEL MURAL In 2006, syndicated cartoonist Jef Mallett attended the Musselman as a participant in the Half and lent his talents to the race t-shirt and a strip mentioning Musselman. In 2010, Jef returned to Geneva with bigger plans: complete the DoubleMussel (both the sprint and the Half)  and  draw a large mural on a public space downtown. Jef would need to be quick,...
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miniMussels Around Your Neck - Part 1
Dear Musselman Fans , It appears the we just experienced spring in the northeast for a least a week.  The bees were stirring and the crocuses started to bloom.  Many of us took advantage of the roads and got out on our bikes.  This time we didn’t have to worry about frozen Gatorade Endurance or BOOM gel.  All we had to do was bundle up a little.  Some of us even...
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GENEVA BOYS & GIRLS CLUB Since the inception of Musselman we have always tried to give back as much to the community as possible.  The Boys & Girls Club changes lives daily. Children from bilingual homes are taught to read and inadvertently fall in love with reading. Students who lacked the motivation to complete homework assignments are convinced that studying is...
Musselman Through the Years Part 1
Trade A Tango For A Triathlon? Written by Christopher Henderson for the Musselman Triathlon, 2008 When race director Jeff Henderson walked into a Musselman Triathlon organizational committee meeting in early 2004, he brought with him the usual list of concerns to be dealt with and decided on: race course improvements... schedule adjustments... new volunteers. Only this time there was something...
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2017 Score This!!! Multisport Series Announced!!!
We would like to announce the 2017 Score This!!! Multisport Series event schedule. 5/16/17 Fly by Night Du - 6/11/17 Strassburg Sock Keuka Lake Triathlon - 7/1/17 Runner's Remedy A Tri in the Buff presented by Love & Sprockets - 7/14/17 MusselKids - 7/14/17...
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Aurora Machine
We are pleased to announce that Aurora Machine will be manufactoring out Score This!!! Multisport Series Awards for the overll males and females of each series.  These include Aquabike, Intermediate, Sprint and Duathlon.  To learn more about how to qualify for this series please go to: More about Aurora Machine *Made in the USA* ...
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Fly by Night Du 2017
Staged for May 6th, 2017 -  The Formula 1 Duathlon is staged on one of the most historic and well-known race tracks in the country. Watkins Glen International hosts the only NASCAR event in New York State and has its roots in Fromula 1 racing. Our Formula 1 race at The Glen is a  run-bike-run-bike-run  duathlon taking place on Porsche Clash weekend. We take the track...
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Trials and more trials
Have you ever tried to compete a task and then can't figure out why it hasn't worked.  Today was that moment in time when we figured out why it was working.  Hopefully what you are reading right now is the result of those trials and more trials. Score This!!! Rich
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2017 Y-10
Did you know that every year at the Y10 we provide a 5 mile split time.  We often wondered if athletes found this information on our website.  Whenever you view results in our searchable and sortable grid there is a printer icon to the leaft of the race header.  Click that button and the splits will apear for everyone who used the timing checkpoints.    We also do this...
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Mussels, Candy Canes, and Yellow Snow
Dear Musselman Devotees, The holiday season is still upon us. Uncle Eddie was there again. Yes, we all have an uncle Eddie. Sometimes he can be fun and then other times he can be well………not so fun. In the northeast, we are still able to get out and ride our bikes on the road which is by far atypical for this time of the season. Normally we need to use candy canes as gel because they won’t...
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