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Musselman Trend
We have been thinking about the multisport trend recently with races noticing that their numbers are not what they have been in recent years.  The though is mutlisport is currrnelty in the trougth of the downward trend right now.  We have been noticing that the 2017 Score This!!! Multisport Series races are even to 2016 registrations or slitghly increase.  It has been a...
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miniMussels Around Your Neck - Part 2
MUSSEL MURAL In 2006, syndicated cartoonist Jef Mallett attended the Musselman as a participant in the Half and lent his talents to the race t-shirt and a strip mentioning Musselman. In 2010, Jef returned to Geneva with bigger plans: complete the DoubleMussel (both the sprint and the Half)  and  draw a large mural on a public space downtown. Jef would need to be quick,...
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miniMussels Around Your Neck - Part 1
Dear Musselman Fans , It appears the we just experienced spring in the northeast for a least a week.  The bees were stirring and the crocuses started to bloom.  Many of us took advantage of the roads and got out on our bikes.  This time we didn’t have to worry about frozen Gatorade Endurance or BOOM gel.  All we had to do was bundle up a little.  Some of us even...
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Musselman Through the Years Part 1
Trade A Tango For A Triathlon? Written by Christopher Henderson for the Musselman Triathlon, 2008 When race director Jeff Henderson walked into a Musselman Triathlon organizational committee meeting in early 2004, he brought with him the usual list of concerns to be dealt with and decided on: race course improvements... schedule adjustments... new volunteers. Only this time there was something...
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Mussels, Candy Canes, and Yellow Snow part 2
ATHLETE VILLAGE Our athlete village is starting to fill up for 2017. If you didn’t know that we had an athlete village you are in luck. We offer two or three night stays in the Hobart William Smith dorms. You choose the arrival date. There are numerous room offerings in several configurations. Single, double, triple rooms are still available, but the quad rooms have already been filled. Don’t...
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Long Course Nutrition
Long Course Triathlon Nutrition By Enduracefactor Coach Doug Bush Now that your rides and runs have been getting longer it is important to develop a nutritional plan to use in training and also for race day. Nutrition is one of the key elements to fine tune before as it can have a huge impact on how your race day develops. What I suggest is to start with these guidelines for caloric...
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2016 I Love Musselman 11/15/16
Dear MusselFans, We wanted to take a moment to send out a quick reminder that the moment you have been waiting for takes place on Sunday November 15, 2016.  The 2016 multisport season begins with your opportunity to register for a summer of fun in the scenic Finger Lakes Region on Seneca Lake.  Come and feel the sun warm your face, smell the grapes and enjoy Geneva, NY like nobody...
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Commercials, Cheese, and Limerick Contest
Mussel Friends, The largest sporting event in the USA, compared to the Musselman Triathlon weekend, has come and gone.  We know many of you had lots to eat and drink again. It’s OK because we need an extra layer this winter in the northeast because it has been cold and the ice on the lake is thick. Otherwise, we are hoping that everyone saw the 30 second commercial that we aired...
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Candy, Sugar Coma, Eggs and more...
Mussel Friends, As you sit back and think about what has just taken place this past Friday with smashed pumpkins, apple bobbing, 6000 calories of candy eaten, and eggs all over your neighbor’s house, please don’t forget to recover from your sugar induced coma by November 15 th .  Why you ask?  This is the day you have been waiting for.  It is the day where you...
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