Love & Sprockets Summer Sizzler
Date: 8/10/19
Location: Beaver Island State Park,  Grand Island, NY
Type: Formula 1 Tri, Sprint Triathlon and Sprint Relay, Aquabike, Duathlon
Start Time: 7:00 AM        

Sprint Triathlon Course

    Swim:400M  Bike: 16K   Run: 3K

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Swim Course

    0.24 Miles 

The swim takes place in the Niagara River with a beach start using a time trial format. Athletes are placed in numeric order with all F1 athletes first followed by all Sprint athletes. Once counted in, two or three people will enter the water at a time after walking over the timing mats. 

The course is rectangular in shape. Weeds tend to grow in this section of the river but like the previous years, we will be cutting down them down.

Water temperature is typically in the low 70s.  Wetsuits will be allowed.

This is a fast swim and the run to the Transition Area is considered in your swim time.


Bike Course

    10 Miles 



Run Course

    1.9 Miles

The run follows Park Rd which is tree lined and has views of the Niagara River. There will be 1 aid station the course that athletes will pass by 2 times.

Aid station will be stocked with water and HEED.



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