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Musselman Warmth is Everywhere

Ladies and Gentleman of Musselman,


We are in a brief warm spell here in the Northeast, atypical for this time of the year for sure!  We may even reach 52 degrees on Wednesday.  Let's hope Mother Nature doesn’t sock us good after this reprieve! For those who didn’t get a chance to clean up their leaves in the fall, you might want to do that (or just wait for the wind to blow them into the neighbor’s yard again!).  We have had our first committee meeting of the season and everyone is SUPER excited that 2016 has arrived.  The planning takes many months, but as you know when Race Day arrives it is a sight to see.  This year’s race theme is "I Heart Musselman" because of the community support received in producing this triathlon festival.  The residents and athletes alike always tell us how much they love the event.  We figured we should go with the theme that has been in our face for years: I HEART MUSSELMAN.



The Musselman Triathlon is proud to have been voted 'Best Small Event' as announced at the annual conference of Triathlon Business International on January 25th. We knew we were in the running, but when we received a tweet that we won... Who would of thunk it?!  (Yeah, I just wrote thunk it).  Voting was conducted through a Survey Monkey survey with a minimum of 600 votes collected in each of three categories - large event, small event, and 'bucket list'.  Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for us.  We are truly humbled and grateful to be chosen.


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