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MusselNews Part 1

The holiday season is upon us.  Some like the season and others do not. Whatever your preference we can all agree that we like the Musselman. It's in July when it's warm and hot.  Sometimes it's MusselHot and MusselHumid. It would be a race if it didn't include all of those things, except for the fact that everyone might PR at the distance if the weather could just play nice for once in July.  Maybe the 16th version this July with be the one where are holiday season wishes come true. Sweet 16 how we relish you and maybe a hotdog or two.

Did you know that the MusselBaby has it own Facebook page?

Did you know Musselman has its own Facebook Twitter and Instagram pages?

Did you know that Musselbaby turns sweet 16 this year?

Did you know that Musselman has its own event page?

Did you know that this is the 5th year with Score This!!! managing the race?

Did you know that the Geneva Bicycle Center has been the official Musselman Bike shop since the inception of the Musselman? Did you also know that they have been on the committee sine year one?

Did you know the Rich, the current race director, is the only member from Score This!!! to be at every Musselman since the beginning.  Did you also know he is the only one from the crew that has done neither the miniMussel or the Musselman?  Bob, Kellie, Jeff, Bill, Melissa, Jon, Jeremy, Alvah, Glenn, Shannon, Donna, and many more Musselcrew have completed at least one of the distance at Musselman.

Did you know that our media person CD Henderson lives on a boat?

Did you know that Sue and Richard Henderson, also know as MusselMom and MusselDad have been on the MusselmanCommittee since year one?

Did you know that the Musselman Triathlon has been able to give back to the Boys and Girls Club of Geneva in the amount of $150,000?

Did you know that this will be the third year in a row that the miniMussel finshers have received a medal that can double for a bottle opener?  Did you notice that they were themed with the Musselswimmer, MusselBike and MusselRunner? 

Did you know that Score This!!! has its own multisport series which Musselman is part of?

Did you know that the MusselMural Wall is almost full?

Did you know that the current bike course isn't the original bike course?

Did you know that last year was the first year for awards winner to select whether they wanted a bottle of wine from Billsboro Winery or Anthony Road Winery or WeBe Brewing Company beer? 

Did you know that Once Again Nut Butter provides the Musselman with approximately 1000 pounds of nut butters for the awards?

Did you know the Red Jacket produces all of their delicious juices right in Geneva? Did you also know that Red Jacket has had a team of athletes at the Musselman the last four years?

Did you know that the Musselman has a record book?

Did you know that the Musselman is always looking for fun contest ideas?  If you have any ideas, that you would like to share, please feel free to send them to us. Here is how.  Go to: select other for for the subject and have the first line of the email read: 2019 Musselman Contest Idea. The best new idea(s) will receive a free entry into either the 2019 Musselman or miniMussel.  If you have already registered then you can provide the entry to a friend, family member or enemy.  Entry is only valid for the 2019 event.  Let the ideas start rolling in.  OK use the email thingy that would be much quicker.  Rolling them in might take some of you a long time to get to Geneva.  This one time.......  Never mind, we digress.  Contact form please.


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