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Race Season 2015

We haven’t sent out a newsletter in some time so we figured we better get back at it.  If you have receive this email in error we apologize in advance. 

Mueller Challenge

The Muller Challenge is off and running.  Five races have officially been score and age-graded.  If you haven’t seen any of these results yet we have them sorted and ready for your viewing pleasure. Join us for our inaugural Mueller Challenge, based on a flexible, build-your-own series of Score This!!! races! To quality, you must complete in at least 5 USATF certified events timed by Score This!!!. Your top 5 (in 2015 only) age-graded results will be used to calculate your average age-graded percentage. Complete as many qualifying races as you'd like to try and improve your average. All distances are included, from the Mueller Mile to the Buffalo Marathon! The Mueller Challenge Series is a unique concept that has come to Western New York. Series standings will be based on age grading to level the playing field across all ages and genders. This will allow, for example, a 63 year old female to compete against a 27 year old male to see who is the better athlete when gender and age allowances are factored in.  Get all of the details here and see who is already qualified:

Cayuga Medical Center Webinar Series

When the Cayuga Medical Center said that they wanted to continue their partnership with Score This!!! they didn’t just want to be present race weekend they wanted to know how they could give back to the athletes that support them.  What we came up with was a series of webinar that would support athletes in different aspects of racing.  The first was March 19th so most of you missed that one, but the next is April 9th at 6pm.  The topic is Tri Success: Essential Aspects of Your Training Program that You May be Missing.  The entire series has 7 chances to increase your knowledge from some extremely knowledgeable professionals.  Find out more about the topics and sign up for FREE here:

Gatorade Endurance and Musselman

Did you hear this news?  We have been listening to what many have asked us now for many years. We packed up the station wagon and took a long drive across the USA to sleep outside the Gatorade factory for two weeks until they finally asked us in to talk.  Once inside we told them the Musselman story and they said we need to get our product on the course Sunday.  They couldn’t believe they weren’t already there.  We are excited to announce that Gatorade Endurance will now be on both the bike and run courses for Musselman.  Gatorade Endurance Formula is scientifically formulated to meet the needs of endurance athletes. It contains a five-electrolyte blend including nearly twice the sodium (200 mg) and more than three times the potassium (90 mg) compared to original Gatorade Thirst Quencher. Drink Gatorade Endurance Formula to help sustain hydration, maintain proper fluid balance and help replace key electrolytes lost in sweat during long distance training and racing.

Score This!!! Multisport Series
The 2015 Score This!!! Multisport Series is gearing up to be the best it has ever been.  This year you can choose to do a try-a-tri or a half distance triathlon.  The Score This!!! Multisport Series is a rewards program for our loyal athletes. Register for 4 events or more, either all at once or one at a time, and you and a guest are eligible to attend the Score This!!! end-of-year banquet at no charge. Additionally, when you complete at least 4 Score This!!! races in a single category, you'll be eligible for series honors - a little friendly competition over the course of the season. Awards for best athlete will be presented at the banquet in November. Race info here:

Did you hear the SLS3 signed on as a series partner of the 2015 Score This!!! Multisport Series?  We have plenty of gift certificates to give away during the 10 event series.  Here is a little info about SLS3.  In 2004 two German pro triathletes met, fell in love and with only passion and very little money started a business that is now known as SLS3. (That's the short version)...  But really, although corny it's how it began. With years of swimming and triathlon under our belts along with academic backgrounds in business, sports physiology, nutrition, and a passion to pass on what we learned and know how to do best we founded our business for triathlon race apparel and compression gear.  In the beginning we only made a suit, short, top and one kind of compression socks. The reasons were: that's what you need to do a triathlon, and we didn't have more money. Those 4 items though were made with great care, attention to detail, German precision and a hefty dose of passion for the sport.
As we grew along with our growing customer base we added more styles for different tastes, budgets and fits. And every day we look at every piece we create with the same great care, attention to detail, German precision and that hefty dose of passion for the sport.

Nineteen Wetsuits
Not only has Nineteen returned as a supporter of the Musselman Triathlon they decided that they wanted to be involved in the entire Score This!!! Multisport Series.  We will have swag this year at the every triathlon to give away at the awards ceremony like you have never seen before.  It pays to stick around to see what the race announcer will be randomly awarding someone from the crowd.  Who knows maybe it will be $200 gift certificate towards a new Nineteen wetsuit.  Nineteen Wetsuits is an award-winning wetsuit company focused on designing suits not simply for warmth, buoyancy and flexibility, but to complement the fundamentals of good freestyle technique. This allows you to translate your hard work in training into results in open water. With up to 20 different sizes available, you’re sure to find the ideal fit to make this your best swim season yet. You can find out more about Nineteen’s full range of products here at

Fly by Night Du
The Fly by Night Du is one of few events held on an official NASCAR track in the USA.  This run bike run bike run event is held just as the sun is starting to set in Watkins Glen, NY.  Have you ever wanted to ride your bike at 40 mph in an areo tuck into a banked corner?  Then this is the race for you!!!  If you just want to ride the track then grab a friend a come have fun in our team competiton.  Get all of the info that you need to know about the Fly by Night Du here:   Hammer down the front stretch into the Ninety, twist, climb and claw your way up through the Esses and onto the backstretch, white-knuckling the brakes as you hit the Inner Loop and navigate the Carousel turn, then drop off the face of the earth into the depths of the turn-heavy Boot. Climb your way out into Turn Ten, regain your senses and make a run for the finish line.

Mike Moreland’s Lawn and Landscape
Mike Moreland’s has signed on for a series-wide partner in 2015.  We are super excited to see Mike back in the triathlon arena again after a long period of injury.  We have known Mike for over 14 years and are glad he is back in the game.  At Mike Moreland's Lawn & Landscape, we have a well-known reputation for keeping customer satisfaction and quality number one.  Having been a strong presence in the Rochester area for over 25 years, our customers know that we deliver on our promise.  We offer full-service property management to your home and/or business.  Whether it's mowing your lawn or a whole new design and install, we will build a great relationship with you.  Our fully-insured professionals are ready and willing to help make your home and/or business look the best it can.  Let's get started making your outdoor dreams become reality.


Twisted Tree Soaps

Orchard Park, NY (February 16, 2015) - Score This!!!, Inc. has expanded its partnership with Twisted Tree Soaps from a single race in 2014 to a Score This!!! Multisport Series wide partner for 2015.  Not only will all ECC Kats Sprint Triathlon athletes received samples in their goodie bags, but they there will be gift baskets to  the overall winners at several events while others will have a chance at winning full bars of soap and chapstick during the post-race swag give away.

Natalie Galbraith of Twisted Tree Soaps states, “Twisted Tree Soaps is proud and excited to be a part of the Score This!!! Multisport Series. It is a privilege to support such a great community events and an amazing group of athletes. The athletes appreciate the fact that our products are all natural.” 

 “We are pleased to bring on Twisted Tree Soaps as a new series partner for the Score This!!! Multisport Series,” states Richard Clark, Vice President of Score This!!!.  “Twisted Tree Soaps brings added value to the 5500 plus participants who already compete in the ten various Score This!!! Multisport Series events.  Athletes are going to really love the all-natural prizes that they have a chance at winning in 2015, including gift baskets for overall winners at several of the events.”  Mr. Clark was also one of the beta testers of the Twisted Eczema Balm.  Not only did it clear up his hands and stop them from itching he is now a Twisted Tree Soap customer for life.

Twisted Tree Soaps is a family owned all natural handmade soap and skin care company. We take pride in using healthy natural ingredients in all of our soaps, balm products and gift sets. We are excited to be in partnership with Score This!!! to bring our products to you, the health conscious, the athletic, the eco-friendly. Train it, wash it, heal it.

Towpath Bike
2nd Annual Garage Sale - It's that time again...mark your calendars for our second annual Garage Sale! Everything in the shop, including clothing, helmets, accessories, parts, and yes, even BIKES will be marked down. Start your cycling season off with some incredible savings; keep reading for specifics of this year's event.  March 27th March 28th March 29th


2015 Score This!!! Multisport Series

May 9th, 2015 – Fly by Night Du –
May 17th, 2015 – ECC Kats Tri –
June 7th, 2015 – Strassburg Keuka Lake Tri presented by Towpath Bike –
June 21st, 2015 – PAIN in the Alleganies –
July 5th, 2015 – Runner’s Remedy A Tri in the Buff –
July 10th, 2015 – microMussel and Mussel Kids –
July 11th, 2015 – miniMussel –
July 12th, 2015 – Musselman –
August 8th, 2015 – Riverside Federal Credit Union Summer Sizzler –
August 23rd, 2015 – Tri Dunkirk –
September 12th, 2015 – Finger Lakes Triathlon Kids Tri –
September 13th, 2015 - Finger Lakes Triathlon –
November 11th, 2015 – Score This!!! Appreciation Banquet –
Score This!!! Multisport Series -


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