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Warm Water? The Race is Near!


 Yes, it snowed here last week in the northeast, but the ice is finally out of Seneca Lake and it’s starting to get warmer.  When we say warmer, we mean the water temp is about 38 degrees F.

As Team Score This!!! circumnavigated her beauty two Sunday's ago during the Seneca 7 we thought, WOW!!!,  we are glad we aren’t swimming in that right now.  As the race approaches we are dotting our i’s and crossing our t’s to hopefully make your Mussel experience the best ever. We still have so much work to do, but are up for the challenge to help keep you as safe on the course as possible.  If you listen closely you can almost hear the sound of the bagpiper on the shore of the lake while the Musselman athletes head toward their start line.  And, with the sun skimming the surface of the lake making you think, darn it all, I forgot my dark-lensed goggles!

Now on to the good stuff....

We had a wonderful meeting with Red Jackets Orchards.  Not only are they on board again for Musselman and the Fly by Night Du, they would not let us leave without taking home some of the good stuff.  As we walked through the factory on our tour we couldn’t help but notice how clean it was.  Who knew those large vats of juice could shine so bright like a star!  Did you know they have a cold juice call Joe’s?  Their dad, Joe, does things his own "special" way, and likes things tart.  Red Jacket Orchards created a refreshing set of blends that incorporates the unparalleled refreshment of lemons, but just as you've come to expect they don't add sugar to any of our cold pressed unfiltered juices. To achieve the perfect level of sweetness, they only add the NY State Apple.  My personal favorite is Joe’s Half and Half.

We wanted to start with awwwwwww snap.   Instead we are going to say BOOM! goes the dynamite and “Ignite Your Potential”.  Yes, you read that right.  BOOM! will be the official gel sponsor of the 2015 Musselman Triathlon.   We are beyond excited because we also found out that they have been racing with us at Musselman for several years now and we didn’t even know it.  How cool is that?  They have a special offer for everyone so please take advantage of it so you are prepared on race day.

Boom Nutrition is proud to provide Carb BOOM! Energy Gels® on-course as the Official Energy Gel Sponsor for the Musselman Triathlon. Train with what will be on course; nothing new on race day. Go to and use the coupon code ‘MULTISERIES!!!’  for a free sample gel and 20% off additional items ordered at the same time of Carb Boom! Energy Gels®, which are gluten-free, vegan-friendly, made with real fruit, and have less than 3g of sugar. BOOM!

We are announcing another contest, but this time with Nineteen Wetsuits.  Any female athlete registered for the 2015 Musselman Tri by Mother’s Day, whether you are a mother or not, will be entered to win a $200 gift certificate to Nineteen Wetsuits to be used on a wetsuit of her choice.  Guys, we didn’t forget about you.  Same goes, but your deadline is Father’s Day, whether you are a father or not.  The drawing will be random and we will announce the women’s winner in the next newsletter.  Guys, you have to wait until June to find out who wins.  I know it’s hard to wait, but good things (in the form of a Nineteen Wetsuit) come to those who wait!

Nineteen is an award-winning wetsuit company focused on designing wetsuits to help you swim smarter. Nineteen Wetsuits are designed to complement the fundamentals of good freestyle swim technique. The result is wetsuits that help you translate your hard work in the pool into fast and smooth swims in the open water.

"With up to 20 sizes in each model, and our extensive experience in women’s patterns, you can be certain to find the ideal fit. All Nineteen Wetsuits come with our industry-leading 5-year warranty so you can be certain your investment will provide many seasons of racing and training." 

Nineteen is excited to partner with the Score This!!! Triathlon Series for the 2015. We wish all participants the best of success as they prepare for the season ahead. 

You can find out more about Nineteen’s full range of products here at

We know many of you like to open a bottle of two. Whether it’s beer, wine, or event pop.  (Ok, "soda" to everyone else in the country.)  We thought why not provide everyone with a way to open those and remember the great time that they had by making a one-of-a-kind Musselman Bottle opener?!  However, wine drinkers will be sad when they find out that this opener will not help them with their cause in 2015.  Limited quantities will be available at packet pickup, so make sure you arrive early the day you are assigned to grab your swag. 

Arrival time.  What arrival time?  Check out the timeline on the website because we have been updating it with the most up to date info.

You guys took us seriously and voted many, many, MANY times.  Here are your winners of the fans pick 4th-6th place limerick contest.  Each will be receiving a $25 gift certificate to SLS3 via the USPS.  If you are one of the winners, please reply back to this email with your name and address so we can get those to you right away.  Looks like that Bob Rudolph won again.  We say good for him!!!

4th Place – Brian Murphy
The young boy loved to swim, bike and run.
Always did Musselman just for the fun.
As the years went on by
He retired from that tri.
But said now he comes to cheer on his son.


6th Place - Jennifer Schultze
So I swam, I biked, & I ran.
The good folks of Geneva yelling, "you can."
Musselman's the best race.
Seneca Lake Park the place.
Although it's a lot to do for a tan.

5th Place - Lauren Calabrese
There once was a race in Geneva,
that stirred a triathlon fever
People gathered their bikes,
and wetsuits alike,
and ran like you wouldn't believa!

6th Place – John Strossman
The Musselman's the perfect place,
To crush your midseason "A" race.
Just make sure you brick,
Or the moment you kick,
You could find yourself flat on your face!


6th Place - Bob Rudolph
There once was a badger named Bane
She raced tris like a hurricane
She biked like the wind
And ran like she sinned
To the Musselman tri she came

Did you know that the Fly by Night Duathlon is just around the corner on May 9th ?  We have many of you ready to go already and we know some of you are waiting on the weather report just days before to make your decision.  Please don’t wait too long because there is a chance we might run out of space this year for the first time ever.  If you are unfamiliar with the Fly by Night Du then check out . Not only do you get to race, but you also get to watch the Porsches race on the track prior to you biking on the track.  Sometimes the racers even bring their bikes out to have fun with you guys!

Did you know the Geneva Bicycle Center has been with us since the beginning?  The owner Jim probably has more miles on this course than any of us. He coordinates all of the bike course captains to help keep you everyone safe. He even organizes the community sweep of the bike course.  This typically happens the week before the race. So if you are in town and want to help we will be calling on you in the next newsletter.   Anyone and everyone can help.  Did you also know you can ship your bike to the GBC and while you are there check out the specials that you might find. Save $30 on a bike fit and 10% on in-stock power meters from Stages, Powertap, and Quarq.

Do you like to learn? Have you been in a multisport rut?  Maybe shortness of breath while training and racing? Don’t forget that there are many webinar opportunities for you to learn, learn, and learn. The next topic is Shortness of Breath in the Athlete presented by Andrew Getzin, MD on 5/15/15.  There are only 4 more chances to take advantage of their vast knowledge. Find out more about the topics and sign up for FREE here:  Trust us, we were reminded of what we should be doing with our training in Sunday’s webinar!

We are now only 6,220,800 seconds or 103,680 minutes or 1728 hours or 72 days away from triathlon nirvana!

Don’t forget to register for the best day of your life:

kind regards,
Richard Clark
race director 2.0
spelling and grammar not my strong suit


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