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Info for Beginner Triathletes - Score This!!!

Info for beginner multisport athletes

• Race Attire
The main thing to keep in mind when choosing racing attire is that most races do not provide a changing tent, and they frown on public nudity. So you should choose an outfit to race in that is reasonably comfortable and can be worn for all 3 events. Shirts can be anything from a T-shirt to high tech body hugging tank tops. In colder weather, jackets or arm warmers are good bets to keep warm. Triathlon specific shorts are the best option to cover your backside, having longer legs and a small bike pad. They provide a swim suit type fabric without the "Speedo" look for those that are more modest (or not European). The small pad makes for a comfortable bike ride while allowing enough freedom to allow you to run without the bulky "bike short" padding. Another option for those not ready to invest in a $45 pair of shorts includes swimming in a Speedo and pulling on a pair of not-too-baggy shorts for the bike and run. Lastly, guys can swim in baggy swim trunks (and maybe girls too, but I've never seen it) and use them throughout the event. I've seen it done, but on a cold day it could keep you shivering longer, and I can't imagine it is very comfortable on the bike.
Socks are a personal thing. If you can bike and run comfortably (no blisters or blood) without them, or if speed of transition is more important than missing skin, blood, and a few days of pain, then skip the socks. If you are not in a competitive position to win an award, or you are not trying to set a personal record, put them on. Preferably low cut, high tech fabrics ( or DeFeet comes to mind). Definitely no tube socks.

• Gear Checklist (suggestions only)

• Pre-race
1. Mentally check thru your gear twice as you gather it to see if you have it all collect.
2. Do not use new purchases from the race expo that you haven’t used in training.
3. Get to the race site ½ hour earlier than you think you should. This will help reduce your stress level and be able to use the port-a-potty before the crowds get there.
4. Get a course map and drive the course to check out the roads and know where the turns are.
5. Have your body marked, then apply sunscreen and any body lube or glide to prevent chaffing.
6. Set up your gear in the transition area (TA) the same way every time toavoid confusion. Place a towel under the gear so you can wipe off your feet if you need to or have an extra bottle of water to get the sand off of
your feet.
7. Do a walk thru in the transition area so you remember where your spot was in the racks. Count them and visualize the transition.

• Swim
1. If you are nervous about your first open water mass start, let everyone go and then start. You will stay much more relaxed.
2. If you would like a lifeguard to pay special attention to you, introduce yourself and ask them if they would watch you or ask the race organizers if they have a different color cap for the guards to pay extra special attention to.
3. After you have lubed up, get to the water to acclimate to the water temperature.
4. Put your race number on a race belt and tuck it in your trunks for one less thing to worry about in TA.
5. If the water is cold wear two swim caps or use neoprene headgear.
6. Put your goggles on under your cap so if you do get hit they will not come off of your head.
7. Look up every five strokes or so to sight the buoys. The person in front of you might not be going straight or wearing their glasses.

• Transition Area-swim to bike (TA)
1. Do not sprint from the swim to TA. You want to be able to think when you are completing your transition.
2. Clean those feet.
3. Put the helmet on last so you have it on before you un-rack your bike. Unfastening your helmet with your bike un-racked is a penalty or DQ at some venues.
4. Make sure you find out if you are allowed to ride your bike in the TA. Most races DO NOT allow you to ride in the TA. Usually there is a mount/dismount line that you must cross before you can get on your bike.

• Bike
1. Ask to see if there is a sag wagon for those mechanical problems that occur sometimes.
2. Ride to the right side of the road unless you are passing.
3. Common courtesy in triathlon is stating to the person you are passing, “On your left.” Passes should always be done on the left and within 15 seconds of starting the pass.
4. Drafting is illegal. Always have three-bike lengths or 3 seconds minimum between you and the person in front of you and approx 10 feet to their side as you go by.
5. If you have been passed it is your responsibility to get out of the draft zone. If you have to, fall back or ease up slightly to maintain the proper distance.
6. NEVER undo your helmet on the bike!!!!!!! Never cross the double yellow line!!!
7. Make sure you drink to stay hydrated and eat something if it is a longer course.

• Transition Area- bike to run (TA)
1. Similar as TA swim to bike. Spin th e last mile or two so you can get on the bike and run. That does not mean slow down; just do not crank the big gears at the end.
2. Do not ride over the line where you should dismount and DO NOT undo your helmet until your bike is on the rack.
3. Change to your running shoes and oor ther running gear. If it is hot, a white hat is great. You can pour water onit or put ice in it and it will help keep you cool.

• Run
1. Make sure you know which way to exit for the run. Often the bike entrance and exit can be dierent from the run exit.
2. Drink at the aid stations. Sometimes you end up being out there longer than you want. Squeeze the cup so the drink doesn’t go up your nose.
3. Run like heck to the finish.
4. Enjoy your accomplishment and hydratea nd stretch for speedy recovery

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