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miniMussels Around Your Neck - Part 1

Dear Musselman Fans,

It appears the we just experienced spring in the northeast for a least a week.  The bees were stirring and the crocuses started to bloom.  Many of us took advantage of the roads and got out on our bikes.  This time we didn’t have to worry about frozen Gatorade Endurance or BOOM gel.  All we had to do was bundle up a little.  Some of us even thought about taking the plunge into Seneca Lake and then came to our senses.  Planning this time of the year means reaching out to everyone who is involved as well as lots and lots of paperwork.  Keep in mind that we do as much as we can electronically because we try to leave a super small carbon footprint to try and remain sustainable.



New for 2017 -  As of two years ago athletes started to email and state that it would be nice if we provided a finishers medal for the miniMussel.  So we would like to announce that all miniMussel finishers will receive a special finishers item.  We are not going to give away exactly what is it, but it will provide many of you years of use and no it isn’t the water bottle that we have been giving all finishers for many years now.  Announce it to all your friends, family, and enemies that we have a special something for everyone.  It may even become a collector’s item in the near future.



New for 2017 - You asked for it. You got it.  For some time now, athletes have been asking us where they can get even more MusselGear prior to the event and also after the event.  We know we have always had swag at packet pickup, but now 24 hours 7 days a week you can shop until you drop without even leaving the comfort of your recliner.  Check it out and let us know what you think:



Short and sweet to let you know there are only a few more spots left in the doubleMussel!!! We already have record registrations in this category.  As they would say in the 90”s, we are stoked.  Our total registrations for all races are up by approx. 20% over 2016 and approx. 40% over 2015. Thank you for your continued support.



We know that the Musselman Triathlon is near and dear to many of you, but why?  We are asking for your help.  Please reply back to this email and let us know What do YOU Love about Musselman?  We swear we will use as many of them as possible in our advertising to help attract athletes from all of North America.   We have had many social media submissions.  We are now asking for your help because we know everyone that subscribes to the MusselNews doesn’t necessarily use social media.  Please, please, please keep the comments family friendly.  You know who you are!!!



Our race committee has been working hard on the Musselman Triathlon for 14 years now.   We were sitting around the other day and thought many of you may have never seen the athlete spotlights that Chris Henderson, Musselman PR, has been writing since the beginning.  We have titled them Musselman Through the Years. Part 1 has been published to the Score This!!! blog.  Come on over and check them out from time to time:


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