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Mueller Challenge Race Series - updated


Join us for our inaugural Mueller Challenge, based on a flexible, build-your-own series of Score This!!! races!

To quality, you must complete at least 5 USATF certified events timed by Score This!!!.* Your top 5 age-graded results will be used to calculate your average age-graded percentage. Complete as many qualifying races as you’d like to try and improve your average. All distances are included, from the Mueller Mile to the Buffalo Marathon.

*Non-Score This!!! races can register to be included in the series by paying a small participation cost. Data requirements apply.


The Mueller Challenge is a series of WNY Score This!!! road races. These races are top quality, and the courses are measured accurately. The 2015 Mueller Challenge will consist of any Score This!!! road races -- in its inaugural year, the series will be abbreviated, and will start with the Penguin Run January 25th and conclude with the Mueller Mile on August 13th. Overall scoring will be determined by using age-graded performance factors. 


Any runner can compete in the Mueller Challenge. You do not have to register to take part. All you have to do is run in at least 5 Score This!!!-timed road races that are USA Track and Field Certified. Score This!!! will calculate age-graded results for each race and calculate an average based on all of the qualifying races you participate in. The Mueller Challenge is designed to determine who the top Western New York runners are, accounting for age differences.


All participants (those who complete at least 5 qualifying races) earn free admission to the end-of-series Mueller Challenge banquet, to be held the evening of the Mueller Mile, August 13th. In addition, all participants will receive a commemorative series pint glass.


The top 100 runners will be announced at the end-of-series banquet and will receive a commemorative, high quality, technical shirt. This will represent a combination of males and females, as standings are based on average age-graded, gender-based percentages.


In addition, cash awards will be given to the top five overall finishers. It is important to note that in this scoring system, males and females are combined. The cash awards are as follows:

1st place: $500

2nd place: $400

3rd place: $300

4th place: $200

5th place: $100


1. All runners will compete in 8 or more qualifying races. (2015-5 races required)

2. Overall scoring will be based on age-graded performance factors as determined by USA Track and Field.

3. Averages will be calculated by Score This!!! and will be official Mueller Challenge results.

4.All Score This!!! and any other qualifying road races* count in a runner's score.

5. Your average score is an average of the actual percentage of age factor performance.

6. The schedule of events and the dates of these events as outlined on the Score This!!! site are tentative. You should check the Score This!!! website to make sure of dates, times and Mueller Challenge status and standings.

7. Prize money can be paid in the form of gift cards to students (i.e., with current college eligibility).

8. A runner must have completed in at least 8 races through the 2015 Mueller Mile to be eligible for calculations.


The Checkers AC Mueller Mile will continue to be held in a similar fashion as the past several years. It will be held the evening of and just before the Mueller Challenge banquet. However, the Mueller Mile race will become more of a no-frills race, with a very low-cost entry as a donation to Checkers AC-based charity Kevin Guest House. Participation in the Mueller Mile will count toward the Mueller Challenge. In addition, elite heats will continue to be held following the citizens race, with prize money (Runners Roost gift certificates) to the top 5 in the male and female elite heats:

Male and female elite prize money schedule:

1st place: $150

2nd place: $100

3rd place: $75

4th place: $50

5th place: $25

In addition, the top five age graded runners (males and females combined) in any race will receive a $25 Runner’s Roost gift certificate.

Mile participants will receive free entry to the Mueller Challenge banquet but will not receive the commemorative Mueller Challenge pint glass if he/she did not complete in at least five Mueller Challenge races. Mueller Mile awards will be presented at the Mueller Challenge banquet.


Results for the Mueller Challenge will be calculated using international age-grading tables. These tables use statistics gathered over many years of performances by runners of all ages. Some of the internal workings of age grading are technical, but can be simply explained as a way to determine an “age grading percentage” for each runner for a given performance. This percentage is the percentage of the expected world record for that age, based on statistics of what other runners of that age and other ages have done. For example, for a 42-year old male runner, the expected age world record for 5k based on the tables is 13:51 (speedy!). If a 42-year old runner runs a 16:36 at a race, he will be given an age-grading percentage of 83.47, the difference between his actual time and the expected age world record. Age grading accurately compares performances among competitors in all age groups.

Age-Graded Tables Establish the Following Standards of Performance Levels:

•   Over 90% = World Class

•   Over 80% = National Class

•   Over 70% = Regional Class

•   Over 60% = Local Class

Practical Uses of the Age-Graded Tables:

•   Adjust a performance to what it would have been (or will be) in your prime.

•   Compare a current performance to a performance in your prime.

•   Track your progress over the years.

•   Race your friends “fairly” – male or female, younger or older.

•   Compare your performances with anyone of any age or gender.

•   Enable those at the upper end of age groups to compete on an equal level with those at the middle and lower end of the age groups.

•   Rewarding the truly superior runners regardless of age through a running series like the Mueller Challenge.


Check out the Mueller Challenge presented by Score This!!! here:


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