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Stree, Stress, and more stress!!!

If you have ever organized events this is the time of the season in the north east where race directors become stressed.  Why are they stressed?  Just a few things cause stress.  Permits, contracts, partner groups, staffing, purchasing, sponsor aquisiton, meetings, phone calls and emails, in order to keep every one including the athletes, staff, volunteers and professionals services from being hurt and going home to their families.  Some race directors create lists on paper, some keep them electronic and some let them run through their heads non stop.  This does impact our sleep patterns because at times the task seems daunting.  We worry about the smallest details.  The many moving pieces come together on race day 99% of the time.  It's that 1%.  That 1 stinking percent that can have it all go wrong.  Don't take this the wrong way.  We really like what we do, but at times it can be stressful.  So when you are out there on a race course please take the time to thank the volunteers and staff.  They work hard at what they do so you can play and have fun.  When it all comes together it truely is a sight to be seen and we feel like rock starts when that happens.  Here is to a safe and happy 2015 race season.

Please ignore the typos or grammar errors today.  This was just a quick write.


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