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MusselNews Part 2
CHOOSE YOUR SHIRT COLOR IS BACK We started this back in 2017.  Every year we try to find a shirt color everyone likes.  Every year we get suggestions on the color that we should have use for our design.  One year we had a suggestion on which colors to use for the next 5 years based on an athletes skin tone.  While we loved the suggestions we also need it be more...
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MusselNews Part 1
MUSSELNEWS The holiday season is upon us.  Some like the season and others do not. Whatever your preference we can all agree that we like the Musselman. It's in July when it's warm and hot.  Sometimes it's MusselHot and MusselHumid. It would be a race if it didn't include all of those things, except for the fact that everyone might PR at the distance if the...
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Photo Gallery: 2018 Musselman Triathlon
Check out the 2018 Musselman photo gallery by the Finger Lakes Times. Photo Gallery    
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Check out Steve Rosanski’s most recent Musselman Triathlon blog post. Musselman Triathlon -- Back to the Beginning! July 6, 2018 Going all the way back to the summer of 2006, I can vividly remember my first triathlon experience. At that point I was headed into my last year at Lehigh University where I was a member of the NCAA Division...
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Musselman Trend
We have been thinking about the multisport trend recently with races noticing that their numbers are not what they have been in recent years.  The though is mutlisport is currrnelty in the trougth of the downward trend right now.  We have been noticing that the 2017 Score This!!! Multisport Series races are even to 2016 registrations or slitghly increase.  It has been a...
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New For 2017: A Lakefront Focus
New For 2017: A Lakefront Focus Several events have been relocated to the area immediately adjacent to the lakefront for 2017. Please note the new locations for: Pre-Race Briefings Pre-Race Meal “We have had some amazing community partners through the years, including Hobart & William Smith Colleges for registration, the Colleges and the Sons of Italy for the pre-race...
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Perfect Pacing for Musselman
Perfect Pacing for Musselman By Doug Bush You have planned and completed the perfectly periodized training plan, finalized the ideal race day nutrition, spent a ton of money on the latest high tech bike and run equipment, and yet when race day comes many athletes don’t put much thought into how to pace themselves during the event.  Many...
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We invite you to check out our post on our Facebook page ( ), “Sharing Our #MusselMemories!” Please post your favorite Musselman photo(s) from the past 13 years in the comments beneath our post. We will pick our five favorites and repost them for you to vote on. The photo with the most votes wins a free entry to...
NCAA Women’s Triathlon
NCAA Women’s Triathlon by Jon Metz In January 2014, the NCAA overwhelmingly approved triathlon as the next emerging sport for women for all three NCAA Divisions. As an emerging sport for women, triathlon embarks on the journey to become a full-fledged NCAA championship sport. As an emerging NCAA sport, women’s triathlon has all the rights and privileges of being an NCAA-sanctioned sport....
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Aquabike Intermediate add to the Keuka Lake Triathlon
We wanted to take a moment and let you know that the planning for the 2017  Strassburg Sock Keuka Lake Triathlon is going extremely well.  The lake isn't frozen over like it was last year so that gives us a great start to warming it up for race day.  We have had several athletes reach out to us in the past and ask if we could add a longer distance aquabike to this...
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