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Score This!!! is one of the largest race production companies in the Northeast and has been producing running and triathlon events for over 19 years. With over 12,000 registrations each year, Score This!!! offers many unique partnership opportunities for businesses of all sizes interested in targeting this high caliber group of athletes and spectators.

Sponsorship Offerings

Score This!!! offers a wide range of sponsorship packages to best fit your needs and budget. Position your brand in front of thousands of participants and spectators of one of the fastest growing sports in the world through at-event marketing elements, various media outlets including print, web and e-mail advertising and even direct communication with these athletes.



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Health and Wellness

They say you can tell a lot about someone by the company they keep. The company we keep coming back to is Score-This!!!. They provide consistently superior events which put our products and company right in front of our target market. They draw from a wide multi-sport demographic, from beginners to top level age-groupers. Everyone feels welcome at a Score-This!!! race. They tireless work to bring new participants into the sport which provides us with new potential customers for our products. I love the way they recognize first time participants at the beginning of each award ceremony, making them feel welcome and applauding their achievement. Score-This is the only company that we provide race sponsorship to because they consistently deliver on their promises, often exceeding them. They are an excellent value and we look forward to many more years working with them.

Dave Strassburg, President

Strassburg Medical, LLC

“Sponsoring the Score This!!! Series of races was a great experience.  Rich was attentive to detail, and delivered on all agreed upon promises.  In an industry where it’s very hard to find companies that do what they say they are going to do, and when they say they are going to do it, Score This!!! is truly a diamond in the rough!  Thanks for everything guys."

Jesse Kropelnicki

Founder & Managing Director

QT2 Systems, LLC


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