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Love & Sprockets Summer Sizzler
Date: August 14, 2021
Location: Beaver Island State Park,  Grand Island, NY
Type: Formula 1 Tri, Sprint Triathlon and Sprint Relay, Aquabike, Duathlon
Start Time: 7:00 AM        

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will the races be sanctioned by USAT? Yes, all Score This!!! races are sanctioned by USA Triathlon. 
  • Do I need to be a annual USAT member to register for the race?No you do not.  Please register as a non USAT member and the fee will include the USA Triathlon one day membership.  If you are registering on a team and are not an annual USAT member, please select the option to include the cost of the one day membership in your registration.  All participants that have not met USA Triathlon requirements (membership number provided or one day membership fee paid) will be emailed prior to the race to resolve.
  • What do I need to bring to packet pickup? Everyone needs to have a valid photo ID.  Minors must be accompanied by a guardian that has a valid photo ID.  If you forget your photo ID, we will ask you to go get it.  NO ID means NO RACE.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  If you have a smart phone, take a picture of it.
  • What if I forget my annual USAT membership card?We will ask you to go get it, download a temporary card from the USAT website or pull it up on your phone.  If you can't do any of those things you will have to pay the additional fee for the one day membership. Other options are to take a picture of both your ID and USAT membership card with your smartphone before the season starts or laminate a copy of your driver’s license to the back of your USAT membership card.
  • Can I pick up my friends or spouses packet?Sorry you may not. USA Triathlon policy states that all athletes must pick up their own packets in person.  If you are on a relay team, all members must be present to pick up their packets.
  • Where will race proceeds go? After budgeted items are taken care of, proceeds will go directly to the partner Charity Organization and the volunteer organizations for that event. 
  • I didn't turn in my timing chip after the race. Where do I return it so I won't be charged the "lost chip" fee? Send it to: Score This!!!, Inc.  15 Ranch Trail Ct.  Orchard Park, NY 14127.
  • Are wetsuits allowed? Yes, unless determined by the USAT official that the water temperature exceeds the maximum allowed.  Wetsuits are strongly advised for any race in the Score This!!! Multisport Series.
  • How is the transition area organized? The transition area is organized by race number.  You will be place in a row with others in the same race and age group.  This reduces the chance of competitors receiving an unfair advantage based on TA position.  TA site plans will be included in the athlete guide for each specific race of the series.  Please also be aware that there are odd and even sides to each rack.
  • What does a bag free clutter free transition area mean? This means you may bring your gear into the TA with a bag but then must remove your bag. After you have the gear you need in transition, please remove your bags, buckets, wagons, carts and whatever you do not need to race with.  This ensures we have enough space for others around you.  Please make arrangements to give these things to a love one, put them in your vehicle, or drop them in the bag tent attached to transition.
  • What do you mean transition closes at 7:15am, but my race doesn't start until later. This means at 7:15am all athlete need to have everything they need to race for the start of the swim. (goggles, swim cap, wetsuit, etc.) You will not be able to enter or re-enter the transition until you are racing.  The transition will be staged and ready to go. *Note - please check the published athlete guide for the specific race to see what time the TA does close. 
  • Who do I contact regarding race photos? Race photos taken by a professional photographer will have a link posted on each event's web page.
  • Where will the aid stations be and what will be available? Aid stations are located approximately 1 to 1.5 miles apart on the run.  There will also be several positioned in and around the transition area. Nutrition and beverages available can vary between years and races, depending upon who the sponsors are. Aid stations will consist of water, ice, and HEED. Some of the longer events will have additional items available.
  • What are the cutoff times? There are no cutoff times for many of the events. Please make sure to read the athlete info to see if there is a specific cutoff time for the event you are choosing.

    I have moved, how do I change my address? Please email Score This!!! Race Director at: info at score-this dot com with the new address or correction.

  • Are disk wheels allowed? Yes
  • What is the timing system used for the event? MYLAPS ChampionChip Timing. 
  • If I have my own chip can I use it? Of course.  Check in with Score This!!! at registration.
  • How many people do I need for a relay team? Any relay team event can have 2 or 3 participants.  Each athlete completes a different portion of the event.  The relay baton so to speak will be a timing chip on a velcro band that each athlete will wear during their respective portions of the race.  The transfer of the chip will take place in the transition area (TA).  This is the place where the bike will be kept when it is not on the course.  The swimmer will run out of the swim into the TA where the rider is waiting.  Transition the chip.  Then when the rider comes back they will give it to the runner in the same spot the swimmer gave it to the runner.
  • Are there Clydesdale or Athena Divisions? Yes.
  • What age group catagories are typically awarded at Score This!!! Multisport Series races?  Males/Female Awards; Top 3 Overall; Top 3 Athena Clydesdales; Top 3 - 5 year age groups; Top 3 Relay Categories; Top 3 Aquabike Only - no age groups *Some events have a slight variation
  • What if I missed the extra meal option for my family during registration?  To reserve them in advance, send a check to Score This!!! with a note asking that this be added to your registration.  We'll have the tickets available for you at packet pickup. Pricing can be found on the Schedule page.
  • When do we need to rack our bikes in the transition area?  Bike racking starts race morning when the transition area opens. Specific times will be announced in the athlete guide for that particular race.  All bikes need to be rack and the transition area needs to be cleared before the race starts so please make arrangements to get to the race site early.